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Deproduction is a Denver-based video production company that has a variety of media incarnations, from Public Access TV aggregate Denver Open Media to civic pixel, an open-source web development group. All the material produced for DOM is released under a CC BY-NC-SA license. The project has been so successful that the team behind it recently received a Knight NewsChallenge Grant to reproduce their system at Public Access TV stations around the U.S. Read more about Deproduction in our Featured Commoner Interview.

We require Creative Commons because it’s a perfect solution for the kind of content we exist to support: noncommercial content aimed at exposing alternative points of view to as wide an audience as possible. Also, we have a vision for transforming the Public Access TV community into a true media network, making hundreds of thousands of hours of user-generated content available to the masses, and that could not be possible with a traditional copyright approach. β€” Tony Shawcross