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== Overview ==
== Overview ==

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Promotion Bar for Free Music.

Breipott is Berlin's promotion bar for the free & legal digital music scene. With terminals to download tracks onto USB sticks, a DJ booth for live acts, and of course, its famous milk rice, Breipott is helping get netaudio artists heard.


The Berlin-based Breipott is a promotional bar for free and legal digital music. The bar works with a team of musicians, DJs, and event organizers to select quality free music for its guests. The bar's database, the soundPott, offers a tantalizing collection of music free of charge. Guests can listen and download tracks directly from three on-site terminals.

Breipott's music is discovered from online offers, demos, and close collaboration with numerous netlabels. Rights are meticulously checked with GEMA or other commercial collecting societies before being entered into the database.

License Usage

Tracks are almost exclusively under Creative Commons licenses. Licensing conditions vary according to artist preference and particular arrangements with their netlabels and other music platforms.


Musicians must often decide between good promotion or almost complete loss of control over their works. Breipott gives musicians to be opportunity to be heard offline, while promoting music whose rights remain with the artists. Alternative licenses like Creative Commons make this possible. The musical works find a wider audience, and the musicians profit from well-attended live acts.


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