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Brad Sucks, a CC license using pop/rock musician, is one of the most remixed artists over at ccMixter - he runs an active blog, interacts with fans directly, and released his latest album Out Of It for free online and under a CC BY-SA license.

Well, I resisted officially CC licensing my stuff for a long time, I thought it was unnecessary and a bunch of legal stuff I didn’t think anyone wanted to care about. But now I think the CC license is simply a shortcut to telling people “hey, go ahead”. While I had clearly said on my website “do whatever you like”, people would constantly ask me for permission anyway, which was strange to me. I think CC licenses, the entire open attitude is absolutely essential for artists that don’t have huge promotion budgets. Without the money to force advertising and radio play down people’s throats, you have to rely on the good will of your fans spreading your music for you. And if you handcuff them by making it illegal, I think you’re doing yourself a real disservice. — Brad Sucks

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