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80Beats is one of a number of blogs created by DISCOVER to provide a source of discussion on current topics in the world of science.

“80beats is DISCOVER's news aggregator, weaving together the choicest tidbits from the best articles on the day's most compelling topics” — 80Beats website


80Beats was created by Discover Magazine as their news aggregator to put together the best articles covering the most up to date and interesting topics. It is just one of a number of blogs created by Discover aiming to engage readers with current news events related to the wide world of science.

80Beats serves to carry on Discover Magazine’s commendable aim of getting readers interested in science, and what’s more they have proved themselves to be very good at this. Short but concise treatment of science news as it happens, with interesting graphics along with an opportunity for readers to comment on the post mean that the blog will not be found wanting for users.

The posts are created using a number of journalistic sources and put together primarily by writer Eliza Strickland. Posts are also contributed by Brett Israel. 80Beats puts out a daily email newsletter which you can subscribe to as well as an RSS feed

License Usage

80Beats has added an additional copyright term to their use of a Creative Commons licence. They provide that Discover owns the exclusive copyright to all 80beats posts for 30 days from the date of publication. After this period has expired, the text is licensed under a Creative Commons licence.

80Beats has adopted a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This means that people have a right to use the material on the blog as long is they attribute the author and do so for a ‘non-commercial’ purpose. Any adaptation of the material may only be distributed under the same or a similar licence to the licence which 80beats has used (ie a CC-BY-NC-SA). Any images on the blog are not owned by Discover and so are not included under the Creative Commons licence.

This licence is applied through the use of a licence button on every page of the site, along with a brief summary of why they chose to use a Creative Commons licence. The licence button links to a summary of the licence, which in turn links to the full licence.


80Beats was encouraged to release its material under a Creative Commons licence because they make use of the work of many other excellent publications in putting together the blog and so believe it is only proper to offer up their content in turn for use by others. A Creative Commons Share Alike licence will also help to fulfil Discover Magazine’s aim of encouraging an interest in science by allowing people to use material on the blog and share it with friends. The use of a CC licence demonstrates the importance of people having access to, as well as an interest in, the rapidly developing world of science.