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Welcome to the Creative Commons Case Studies project!

Creative Commons projects are found across the globe, with licenses used by private individuals to large corporations. The stories on this site tell of some of the thousands of individuals and organisations who use CC licenses on a daily basis for a multitude of purposes across a variety of content. The Case Studies project is initiated in conjunction with Creative Commons Australia. Our goal is to create a community-powered system for qualitatively measuring the impact of Creative Commons around the world.

Many ways to contribute!

  1. WIKI - Sign up for an account on this wiki and contribute
  2. CHAT - Channel #CC at -
  3. LIST - cc-community listserv - Creative Commons Community email list -

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Version 0.9 April 16

  • (DONE) 10 case studies entered (
  • cameron 10 featured commoners case studies entered (cameron)
  • (DONE) add "tags" to template (tvol)
    • free tags
    • controlled vocab--need to come up with list of tags (ex: business, art, etc) on this if we want
  • (DONE) add "license short name" (tvol)
  • (IN PROGRESS) tinker with display options (tvol, jon)
    • put 500x200 image after title, before pull quote
    • add template or some structured way to have the headers in free text area and if section not entered, it doesn't show up
  • (DONE) wiki literacies Help:Editing#Extreme_basics (tvol)

Version 1.0 April 23

  • 10 more case studies entered (
  • finalize display and layout (tvol, jon)
    • sort by, search
      • tag, license, country, media, user status
    • add some type of way to enforce sections in the page template and then if no content, don't show section (jon)
  • email to cci list/jurisdictions to ramp up to isummit and call for contributions
  • press release about case studies ongoing project and isummit lead up (APR 28?)

Version 1.5 June 30

  • each jurisdiction have 5 case studies entered

Version 2.0 iSummit 2008 (July 29)

  • print case study booklet for iSummit
  • Rachel, Jessica lead for iSummit session