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Welcome to the Creative Commons Case Studies project!

Creative Commons projects are found across the globe, with licenses used by private individuals to large corporations. The stories on this site tell of some of the thousands of individuals and organisations who use CC on a daily basis for a multitude of purposes across a variety of content. This site aims to highlight the fantastic work being done by creators and content aggregators in the CC community. It details some of the available tools for creation and collaboration which employ Creative Commons licenses.

The Case Study Wiki chronicles past, present and future success stories of CC. The goal is to create a community-powered system for qualitatively measuring the impact of Creative Commons around the world. All are encouraged to add interesting, innovative, or noteworthy uses of Creative Commons licenses.

Check out our roadmap to pick-up a shovel and help us make this better. Communicate about this project on cc-community list and #cc chat channel.

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How to add a Case Study - simply add the name of the Case Study in the box above. You'll be directed to an easy form to enter the details. If you haven't done so already, you'll need to login or sign up for an account on this wiki.

What is appropriate for a Case Study? - Anything and everything that uses the CC licenses. Not certain that something should be added as a Case Study? Add it anyway and others will help you make it better.

If you're still after guidance, check out the featured case studies below as examples.

Have an idea for a case study but can't execute? Add your request to Talk:Case_Studies.

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Download a PDF of the first (draft) case studies book - Building an Australasian Commons

Case Studies Book


Hot off the press - now available for download is a PDF of the first book based on the case studies wiki - Building an Australasian Commons. This book has been produced by Creative Commons Australia to highlight case studies from the Australasian region.

Note - the current PDF is a pre-print version, most suitable for personal use. Please watch this space for the final, published, version.

Coming soon - PDFs of the individual case studies featured in the book, and the case study clusters.

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Featured Case Studies

Andrew Garton
‘gone to stone’ by Andrew Garton CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

"I feel tools such as Creative Commons are part of the discussion we should be having about our lives, how we live, how and what we learn and the mechanisms required to support innovation and creativity, that which sustains life, gives it meaning and purpose - a lifetime of learning rather than a lifetime of uncertainty."
- Andrew Garton

Andrew Garton is a prominent Australian-based writer, producer and digital media advisor who sits at the forefront of new media practice and community cultural development. A passionate advocate for Creative Commons and open content licensing, Garton works across a number of projects which express the aims of inclusivity, sustainability, and respect for local context.
"there are really no rules" by John Harvey CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

"The Creative Commons license is a perfect example of the sort of copyright changes the modern world needs to come to grips with in the digital age, information should be free to all." — John Harvey, ‘’, Flickr photographer is the moniker of John Harvey, a Brisbane-based former photojournalist who licenses his Flickr photo stream under Creative Commons. A self-described "former photojournalist who fled the bright lights and dingy darkrooms for fame, fortune and a living wage back in the mists of time, now a sometime amateur photographer who dreams of the days when he understood esoteric concepts such as depth of field and aperture as an escape from a life spent dealing with the problems of suffering users and staff in the world of corporate Information Technology."

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