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There is a a listing of court decisions that discuss or are directly relevant to Creative Commons licenses. The decisions can come from any jurisdiction around the world. It is a list of decisions, not cases.


Äventyrsgruvan i Tuna Hästberg v. Gunnarsson
Chang v. Virgin Mobile
Curry v. Audax
Drauglis v. Kappa Map Group, LLC
Gerlach vs. DVU
Internet Brands v. Holliday Litigation involving ownership of wiki material contributed by a broad community and licensed under CC BY-SA. At no point in either case was the validity of the CC license contested.
Jacobsen v. Katzer
No. 71036 N. v. Newspaper Photographer who used BY-SA licenses on his photographs had some photographs used in a Newspaper. The newspaper did not provide proper attribution. The newspaper had also used Wikipedia text without proper attribution.
SGAE v. Fernandez
SGAE v. Luis
Spirit German court required removal of hyperlink to CC-licensed image used in violation of license terms. Note: the parties names are redacted in the published decision. The case number is ref. 310 O 402/16.
TA 3560/09, 3561/09, Avi Re'uveni v. Mapa inc. ישראל: לראשונה, ביהמ"ש אכף רישיון קריאייטיב קומונס

To add a new court decision to the list, create a new page here on the wiki and add a copy of the Case Law template and edit it to contain details of the case. Then add a link to the case to the list above.

If you are unfamiliar with creating pages, instructions are available There are also comprehensive guides and quick start instructions for working with wiki templates. If you are unfamiliar with creating Wiki tables, instructions are available for this as well.

For cases taking place across multiple courts, add separate pages for each decision.