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Policy Status: Current
Language: English
Jurisdiction: Provincial
Country: Canada
Policy license: CC BY-SA


Policy Title: Canada: Alberta: Open Educational Resources - Go to the policy
Description: The purpose is to provide publicly funded post-secondary institutions in Alberta the opportunity to apply for funding to support the assembly, use, development, implementation and evaluation of Open Education Resources (OERs) to support teaching, learning and research. There will be an expectation that projects be available or deposited into a provincial repository and available for broad viewing and use.

Grant Success Criteria:

  • Must not duplicate the purpose of Open Educational Resources available.
  • Must be Creative Commons Attribution licensed (CC-BY SA).
  • Must explicitly demonstrate the value and cost-savings to the student and the educational system.
  • Must demonstrate inter-departmental and/or inter-institutional collaboration.
  • Must meet one or more of the defined grant categories.
A $2 million OER initiative.

Policy Comments: