CCi Legal Day Programme 2008

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Draft Programme CCi Legal Day, Thursday, July 29, 2008 Sapporo



  • Catharina and Mike- introduction
  • What happened since Dubrovnik (new jurisdiction projects / version 3.0 / new protocols)

“International Porting”

9.15-10.45 Different needs for different regions and stakeholders

  • General remarks and peculiarities for Europe -- tbc
  • Peculiarities for Japan “digital copyright” - Prof. Tamura, Hokkaido University
  • Moral Rights -- tbc

Coffee break

Discussion regarding international porting

“Challenges for different national licenses in the next 5 years”


“International Private Law Clause”

  • Introduction
  • Discussion

“On licensing of Derivative Works”

  • How can derivative works be licensed? (Questions for the BY / BY-NC)
  • Discussion

Tea break

“Non Commercial”

  • Introduction of CC research study – next steps
  • National guidelines: Europe? Asia (Japan?)
  • Relevance for Collecting Societies (details about CS=update Dutch pilot etc at business track)

“New Protocol”

CC+ and other non exclusive license agreements
Different needs for different user groups

  • Overview
  • Discussion


“Waiver and universal public domain assertion tools“

  • Overview
  • Discussion?


Business Track (separate day)

Collecting Societies

  • Update Dutch pilot project (Buma/Stemra)
  • Introduction Danish project with KODA
  • Definition of “Non Commercial” as key element when it comes to CS
  • Strategies and next steps