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[http://easylink.in '''Web Development Services  ''']
== Implementations ==
The creative web development team at Easylink web Solutions has the ultimate responsibility for completing web development projects that translate into powerful sales and informational maketing tools for the client. Although we strive to project an image that conveys each client's specific message and brand, we aren't just about aesthetic appeal. Each project incorporates business strategy, usability, functionality, marketing and user psychology so that the end result performs as well as it looks. 
We have a complete team of web developers to give a perfect blend of interactivity & creativity to give a positive impact on your business. Our team has developed & implemented successful solutions for our customers. We can integrate business processes & data with the web by exercising our web expertise to work for you & build your company for the future. Our team of dedicated professionals takes your business to web & beyond. Our aim is to build clear, functional & professional looking websites.
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The current trend on the Internet is geared towards increased interactions between the user and the website. This interactivity requires Web programming and/or Web scripting capabilities in one or sometimes several languages. Sometimes, static web pages are not the best choice for a website. Especially, if there is a high volume of information that is constantly changing or where the information to be retrieved is based on parameters rather than the simple keyword searches. In these particular cases, the integration of a database within a website is often the best answer. 
[http://www.easylink.in '''Web Designing  ''']
[http://www.easylink.in We take pride in our creative ideas to custom design websites for our worldwide clientele. Our ingenious and imaginative designers will help you create a website that you will love. Our designers are willing to take any suggestions you might have about your website. They will also help you make decisions throughout the construction of your website.
We will not only build you a graphically pleasing website, but, we will also make sure that your needs are met in the best way possible to give you the satisfaction that you deserve.
  ·  Inclusion of compelling graphic elements optimized for site responsiveness and consistent with existing brand imagery
  ·  Designing a structure that emphasizes maximum usability and positive audience response
  ·  Navigation based on a successful user experience
  ·  Home page design that engages, promotes the brand, and offers clear pathways to critical site content
  ·  Integration of attractive tools for sales and lead generation throughout the site
[http://www.easylink.in Ved Prakash Jaiswal]
== Examples ==
== Examples ==

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We currently offer language-specific wrappers for the Creative Commons Web Services in Python, Java and PHP. Help make it easier for other developers to integrate license selection by writing a wrapper library in your language of choice. Lisp, anyone?

A successful implementation will include a small driver application which demonstrates how the wrapper can be used for license selection. See Web Services Client Implementations for information on our existing implementations.


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