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Creative Commons Rights Expression Language (CC REL) is a specification describing how license information may be described using RDF and how license information may be attached to works.

CC REL is described in CC REL: The Creative Commons Rights Expression Language (pdf), published March 3, 2008. An overview of the vocabulary is available with the namespace description.

CC REL metadata, as encoded using RDFa or XMP, may be embedded in a variety of filetypes. Additional confidence may be added to embedded metadata through the use of web statement.

We have also begun to explore extending CC REL for use by digital copyright registries. See CC Network Development's metadata documentation.

CC REL by Example provides examples of many web deployment scenarios with thorough explanations and is the best place to start if you want a HOWTO or to understand through examples which you can copy and experiment with.




Here is the suggested HTML:

<a rel="license" href=""><img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" /></a><br />This work is licensed under a <a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License</a>.

Tips for marking your work can be found at  Information on the supplied HTML and
metadata can be found at

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