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The CC PHP-AJAX Chooser is a simple way to add a license chooser to your PHP-based web application. It contains the following components:

  • PHP Web Services client code
  • PHP Web Service proxy (to accommodate browser security)
  • Javascript and PHP for running the chooser itself.

It is licensed under the MIT License and is the same code used in the WpLicense WordPress extension.

Getting the Code

The code is available from Subversion as part of the cctools project at SourceForge. You can retrieve the code using the Subversion command-line client using the following command:

$ svn co

Additional information: Subversion


Before deployment you must configure the Javascript portion of the chooser to point to the web services proxy. The WS_ROOT_URL variable in js/chooser.js must point to the URL ws_proxy.php is served from on your server.

The PHP Chooser code can optionally be configured in two ways:

  • to use a particular version of the web services
  • to use a proxy for web service calls

For information on available versions of the web services, see the API documentation. The code in Subversion defaults to the 1.5 version of the web services. To change the version, update the $WS_ROOT variable in ws_client.php.

To configure a proxy for web service calls, edit the the $PROXY and $USE_PROXY variables in ws_client.php The proxy server, $PROXY, should be specified without the http:// prefix.

Creating the Chooser