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This page lists frequently asked questions about the CC Network; if you have a question which isn't answered here, you can contact us.

Network Accounts

Can I give someone an account as a gift?

Not at this time. A key feature of the CC Network is the added verification of identity which allows people to put more trust in your license claims. Gifting removes our ability to perform that verification through the completion of the financial transaction.

Profile Pages

Why is my name displayed on my profile?

When you license a work with a Creative Commons license, you are making a claim of ownership. A CC Network profile is a way to help increase trust in that claim of ownership. We do this by displaying your name on the profile. When you complete a financial transaction your name and other information is verified by the payment processor. For this reason we use the name from your PayPal transaction for your CC Network profile.

How do I change or remove my name from my profile?

At this time you can not change or remove your name from your profile.

Open ID

What is my OpenID URL?

Your OpenID URL is an identifier you can use to log in to sites which support OpenID. Your CC Network Open ID URL is the same as your profile URL. For example, if your username is betty your OpenID URL and profile are at

How do I delegate to my Creative Commons Network OpenID?

Delegation allows you to use a URL you control, like your personal domain, as your OpenID identifier, and another service, such as the CC Network, to perform the actual authentication.

To delegate from your site to your CC Network account, add the following to the head section of your personal ID page:

 <link rel="openid.server" href="" />
 <link rel="openid.delegate" href="" />

Sam's blog post may be helpful; you can also check your setup after you've added the links above to your site.