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This page contains the proposed text for various info cards about CC and the CC Marketplace in Second Life.

What is Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation which provides free copyright licences to allow people to share their work on terms they choose.

The main Creative Commons licences all allow anyone to copy and share the licensed material as much as they like, and most also allow for others to build upon the material to create their own expression. All licences require that anybody who uses the work give proper credit (attribution) to the original author. On top of this basic permission, the author can select from a number of restrictions:

  • NonCommercial (NC) - people may not use the work for profit
  • ShareAlike (SA) - if people make changes to the material, they must make those changes available under the same licence
  • NoDerivatives (ND) - people may not make changes without asking permission

Why Creative Commons in Second Life

In Second Life, anyone can build anything they can imagine. Everything they build, however, will generally be subject to copyright. This means that people are not able to copy or build upon other people's work without asking permission.

The Creative Commons licences provide a way for an author to make their work available