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CC Kubrick is a WordPress theme based on Kubrick which will match the general look and feel of the main website. This theme will be used with WordPress MU to power the CCi blogs.

CC Kubrick is available in Subversion in the ccwordpress/trunk/cckubrick module.

Outstanding tasks:

  • Update header to match
  • If the domain matches a jurisdiction code, add a flag to sidebar.php
  • Fonts/colors for sidebar headers, titles to match
  • Turn off "meta" area
  • Attempt to use styles.css from the base ccwordpress theme
  • avoid text in images

  • i18n for wordpress provided UI -- comments form, etc
  • /worldwide/xx summary in sidebar, /worldwide/xx at ?
  • Licensing -- These two features can be done with wplicense.
    • license used should be most recent version of BY for jurisdiction, or most recent unported BY if not yet launched -- this could be manual
    • license in feed