CC Jordan launch and 1st CC Arab World Salon

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Conference, Salon in Amman, Jordan


Creative Commons' first ever Arabic licenses will be launched in Jordan during a conference in Amman hosted by Talal Abu Ghazaleh Organisation. The conference launch will feature Joi Ito, CC's CEO; Diane Peters, General Counsel; John Wilbanks, VP for Science; Rami Olwan and Ziad Maraqa; CC leads for Jordan; Donatella Della Ratta, Arab World media and development manager; plus many lawyers and law professors coming from all across the world, including Brian Fitzgerald of Australia, to discuss the issue of copyright reform in the Arab world.
Where: Talal Abu Ghazaleh Organisation (hosting institution of Creative Commons Jordan) Amman, Jordan
Cost: Free
More info: please contact CC Jordan leads Ziad Maraqa "Ziad M. Maraqa" <zmaraqa[at]> and Rami Olwan "Rami Olwan" <ramiolwan[at]>

First Creative Commons Arab world Salon The first ever CC Arab world Salon to feature Arab artists, musicians, comic writers, media people, bloggers, photographers who make their works available under CC. The salon will be a celebration of Arab open culture, featuring presentations of different artististic and media works released under CC, such as the Creative Commons Al Jazeera repository (, the Jeeran online channel (, Samandal, the first ever Arab CC released comics ( and many others. Join the party with our vibrant CC Arab community!
When: 16th November, Amman, Jordan
Where: Royal Film Commission, Amman, Jordan
Cost: Free
More info: contact