CC Jordan launch and 1st CC Arab World Salon

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Conference, Salon in Amman, Jordan


Creative Commons' first ever Arabic licenses will be launched in Jordan during a conference in Amman hosted by Talal Abu Ghazaleh Organisation. The conference launch will feature Joi Ito, CC's CEO; Diane Peters, General Counsel; John Wilbanks, VP for Science; Rami Olwan and Ziad Maraqa; CC leads for Jordan; Donatella Della Ratta, Arab World media and development manager; plus many lawyers and law professors coming from all across the world, including Brian Fitzgerald of Australia, to discuss the issue of copyright reform in the Arab world.
Where: Talal Abu Ghazaleh Organisation (hosting institution of Creative Commons Jordan) Amman, Jordan
Cost: Free
More info: please contact CC Jordan leads Ziad Maraqa "Ziad M. Maraqa" <zmaraqa[at]> and Rami Olwan "Rami Olwan" <ramiolwan[at]>