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This is a multilingual wiki. Follow these steps to translate an article. For the purposes of illustration, the article is called Example Content and we will translate the article to Spanish.

  • Create a new article called Es:Contenido del Ejemplo. The contents should be a translation of Example Content.
  • To Es:Contenido del Ejemplo add:
  {{Translated From
    | source=Source Article Name
  • To Example Content add:
     articles=Es:Contenido del Ejemplo

A box appears in each article listing the languages the article is available in. If an article is available more than two languages, separate the translated article names with commas in the Translations template.

Es: is special in the translated article name. It is the language code for Spanish, followed by :. If translating for another language, use the appropriate language code, e.g., Ja for Japanese (use alpha-2 if available).

Eventually you'll be able to search for articles only in language(s) you specify.