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CC+ is CC license + Another agreement.



Creative Commons has solved this with Creative Commons licensing. Creative Commons has this one locked down. Rely on CC.


Creative Commons has structured this so that you and/or your project can implement the rest of the social part to this equation.


Similar to #Human, CC has structured the Technical part of CC+ so that you can implement the technical standard to be in compliance.

  • File:Ccplus-technical.pdf - CC+ Technical Implementation for the World Wide Web (pdf) explaining how to add CC+ functionality to your site.
  • Concepts and Pieces


Yahoo! Flickr CC+ Integration

Yahoo! Jumpcut CC+ Integration

Facebook CC+ Integration

Virb CC+ Integration


  • To restrict commercial use with a CC license with NC condition, and then use a separate agreement with some party (could be yourself or third-party) to broker commercial rights (licensing, sales, reproduction, etc).
  • To implement some type of Street Performer Protocol system to put works to the public domain or into another license, preferably more free and in the community interest.



External Links

Relevant External Links

  • * Article provides a tangential argument supporting tools like CC+ that can help get photographers paid for their work.