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Creative Commons sends out a bi-monthly email newsletter as another way to keep in touch with our community. If you are interested in keeping up with CC news this way, please subscribe here. Thanks to the CC Philippines team, we are also able to provide beautifully designed PDF versions of the ccNewsletter for your reading enjoyment.

Current ccNewsletter

ccNewsletter #8

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Past ccNewsletters

ccNewsletter #7

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This month's newsletter spotlights Science Commons, a project of Creative Commons dedicated to bringing the sharing and reuse principles CC brought to the world of culture, to scientific research. Their work focuses on identifying unnecessary barriers to research, and developing strategies and tools for faster, more efficient scientific research. The goal - to speed the translation of data into discovery.

ccNewsletter #6

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The April 2008 newsletter features CC international, covering pertinent topics such as recent and upcoming jurisdiction and project launches from Serbia to India to New Zealand, and much more. The articles show the incredible and exciting leaps and bounds that CCi has taken and continues to take as the dedicated folks behind it work to build an international commons. The newsletter also contains articles about news and points of interest for CC, including the recent changes in leadership.

ccNewsletter #5

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The February 2008 newsletter contains a plethora of articles from across the CC spectrum, including ccLearn, Science Commons, CCTech, CC Legal, and CCi. All the items discussed in this newsletter point to the exciting prospects for CC as it enters a new year (2008) and embarks upon projects that will continue to further its reach nationally and internationally.

ccNewsletter #4

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As CC’s 5th anniversary draws near, the December 2007 newsletter features articles on news and points of interest that best exemplify the progress made by CC in the realms of business and science, as well as internationally. The newsletter also features 2007 Campaign updates and discusses how important and crucial it is to help build the commons.

ccNewsletter #3

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The September 2007 newsletter features updates and exciting developments from CC as well as Science Commons news, CC in Business, and other points of interest as CC prepares to embark upon its 3rd annual online fundraising campaign.

ccNewsletter #2

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The August 2007 newsletter features articles about projects and happenings within CC itself, as well as CC’s growing presence in the business and science realms. The newsletter also highlights use cases and features CC points of interest that speak to the vitality of the free culture movement and the timely role that CC has come to play in that movement.

ccNewsletter #1

<imagemap> Image:Ccnewsletter1.jpg|left desc none default Download PDF </imagemap> Download PDF

The inaugural newsletter from June 2007 features CC articles of interest, including Science Commons news, CC in Business, and CC Use Cases and Shoutouts. The articles lay the foundation for newsletters to come and demonstrate how increasingly significant the work of CC has become in the move towards a global digital commons.