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What is it?

  • CC0 is a protocol that enables people to either
    • (a) ASSERT that a workhas no legal restrictions attached to it, or
    • (b) DEDICATE any rights associated with a work so it has not legal restrictions attached to it, and
    • (c) SIGN the assertion or dedication.
  • CC0 is similar to what the CC public domain dedication does now. The key addition is that the dedication of content in the public domain will be vouched for by users, so that there is a platform for reputation systems to develop. People will then be able to judge the reliability of content's copyright status based on who has done the certifying.
  • A beta version of the protocol, including the traditional components of the CC architecture -- legalcode, human-readable explanation, machine-readable metadata, and tools, will be released for public discussion on January 15, 2008.


Who is using it?

How do you get involved?

Jump on over to the CC-Community and/or CC-Licenses email lists for further discussion on CCZero.