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This is where various business approaches in and around Creative Commons' activities are discussed. Please help by adding to this page.


License Content

Right now you can license content on your project. Sharing immediately benefits a business by spreading content and the CC license you select empowers users to do what you allow with it.

Rights Brokering

Since Creative Commons licenses are non-exclusive, companies can act as rights brokers to make other commercial agreements with copyright holders.

There is a more technical example of this on CC Labs.


  • Magnatune
    • All content is licensed restrictively with a Creative Commons license, but commercial rights are brokered for standard set fees for various uses/distribution options (film, radio, youtube, etc).

Revenue Sharing


These pages below link to the associated pages which point out the types of agreements arranged.

Media Hosting Site

So, you are hosting media, possibly user-generated-content, or just standard media on a site. Here are some standard best use case items for how to build Creative Commons licensing and standards into your site for sharing, business and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


A team of successful entrepreneurs credited for

A new home-based-business marketing system that provides the strategic high ground for internet marketing. Pro Team Marketing uses an automated marketing system that is currently promoting a cutting-edge young company, entering the early growth stage, that targets the largest consumer base in the United States with their financial educational products.

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