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You've probably seen our "some rights reserverd" and "no rights reserved" (for public domain works) buttons on many web pages, but there's more. Whenever a user copies HTML generated by our license selection application they get the button and also a block of metadata describing the licensed work and the license it is offered to the public under. You can't normally see that information without viewing the web page's source. A toolbar or plugin that exploited this hidden information could take many forms. One possibility: If a page has valid license metadata, place a (cc) icon on the toolbar. Mousing over the icon brings up a transient window which displays the license characteristics associated with the license and any descriptive metadata also present.



  • CC license viewer: Extension for the Epiphany browser that adds a CC license icon to the status bar if the web you are visiting is under a CC license and shows you the web's license if you click on the icon. Instructions to install it in its author blog

All Browsers

Too few Creative Commons plugins for other browsers currently exist. We invite you to write one. However, these sites will be useful with any browser:


  • Nathan Yergler has created mozCC, a browser extension for Mozilla-based browsers. It's a start, but we know there are other browser in use.
  • Robert Litzke has written greasemonkCC, a Greasemonkey script for all Greasemonkey-enabled browsers. It displays a customizable bar at the top of Creative Commons-tagged pages. GreasemonkCC requires the Greasemonkey extension for Mozilla browsers. Internet Explorer requires a plugin, Turnabout, for instance, to run Greasemonkey.
  • Jaime Frutos Morales has created Creative Commons license viewer, an extension for the Epiphany browser. You can download it from here.
  • So how about similar plugins for IE, Safari, Opera, Konqueror or something else?
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