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(See also: * [http://www.wumingfoundation.com/italiano/downloads.shtml Wu Ming Foundation] has some books under CC, and some other similar free licenses)
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* [http://manybooks.net/categories/CCL CC licensed books at manybooks.net]
* [http://manybooks.net/categories/CCL CC licensed books at manybooks.net]
* [http://www.oreilly.com/openbook/ O'Reilly's open books]
* [http://www.oreilly.com/openbook/ O'Reilly's open books]
* [http://www.wumingfoundation.com/italiano/downloads.shtml Wu Ming Foundation] has some books under CC, and some other similar free licenses

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This is a list of books available under a Creative Commons license.

By "book" we generally mean works over 35,000 words that are or have been commercially available in hardcopy and have an ISBN. We've expanded the definition in two added sections below, however, to include the most popular books published through do-it-yourself press Lulu, and "books" published on websites of established organizations or notable blogs.

This is just a start and is woefully incomplete. Please add missing titles and fill in missing information.

How to add a book

This table pulls information from other articles in the wiki which have been created with semantic annotations. To easily add a book, fill in this form or create a new page using this template.


<ask format="table" limit="200" mainlabel="Title">




<ask format="table" limit="200" mainlabel="Title" sort="author" order="ascending">



Lulu Highlights

Lulu offers a publishing service for “digital do-it-yourselfers” to publish all manner of media, including books. Lulu lets creators set the license terms, including Creative Commons licenses, for their works as part of the publishing process. We've chosen to list some popular CC-licensed works that have been published through Lulu, below.

You can also search for more CC-licensed books at Lulu.com.

<categorytree mode=pages>Lulu</categorytree>

"Books" online

These are "books" (i.e. works of 35,000 words or more) made available through established organizations and sites. These are not to include vanity projects by your favorite uncle.

<categorytree mode=pages>Book_Online</categorytree>

See also

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