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So, you are a blogger? How can you best use Creative Commons licensing to promote your work? This page aims to document best practices. Also, blogger on this page is used in a very large context meaning all forms of blogging including videoblogging, podcasting, etc. Please help us make this page brilliant!


License Your Work

Follow the steps of the license chooser to select and apply the license that fits your use.

Marking Your Work

It is important to clearly show how your content is licensed physically. See the Marking page to find current video license marks and to learn more about how to properly "Mark" your

Publish Your Content

Use a service for publishing your content

Use Podsafe Content

Please see the Podcasting Legal Guide for more info

Also, find legal CC licensed content through and Content

Consent of Authors

Please see

CC Taiwan has some forms for having presenters, speakers, and the public to agree to a CC

See Also

External Links