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|'''Step one: Login to Movable Type'''
|'''Step one: Login to Movable Type'''
I read on one net page what says more people's from more EBM music group's, here you are originally text taken from this page:
Quote:"Someone says...We love your blog and are honored by the fact that you share our music so that more people have a chance to discover it. Keep up the good work and keep sharing ( KOMMANDO XY )...Hey! Thank you for remembering of us. Of course we give you permission to put it online. A big cheer from Portugal! ( U.M.M. )...Hi mate! Thank you for the support! Cheers! //Martin, Pontus & Eric ( EKO BROTTS MYNDIGHETEN )...Oi mate! Thank you for helping us spread the music. Great to hear that you appreciate it. Cheers! //HMS ( T.W.A.T. )...Thank you so much for the promotion. Keep up the great work! ( VICIOUS ALLIANCE )...yeah go ahead and post a link that would be very much appricated! Thank you again very very much!!!!!!!! Feel free to write or post a comment anytime. g ( MENTALLO & THE FIXER )...We have no problem with post & thank you! Thanks for the support. EBM United Greetz from Belgium Thomas / Franky ( DARKMEN )...Hello my friend. It was a just for fun. Greets, Christoph ( KRAFTAKT )...Ciao, niente in contrario, anzi, ti ringraziamo per l'aiuto nella diffusione della nostra musica. A breve credo che metteremo in free download anche l'ultimo nostro album. Ti faccio sapere. Un saluto e grazie. Marco ( HALO EFFECT )...You're welcome! I was surprised to see good old Cosmic Journey in your blog. ;) Alex ( TAXIM )...We thank you from the deepest darkest parts of our black little hearts for the support and interest, Wraith ( SOULESS AFFECTION )...Hi, you can post whatever you want ;-) I hope u like the "new" stuff too. Greetings from germany ( SEQUENZ-E )...Thank you, very nice site btw, a lot of effort there. Regards, Andie ( BODYCALL )...Thank you very much for your support, Thierry ( GROUPE.T )...Thanks to AUTODAFEH, JAEGER 90, STURM CAFE’, ATROPINE, Andrea & Rene AD;KEY, Ron ( CONTAINER 90 ), Martin & Olli ( RE:\LEGION ), Justin ( VISCERA DRIP ), Essensa T[:ERROR:]GAZM PROJECT, Jess ( COLD DRIVE ), Kev ( PROJEKT A:E ), Jimmy ( NVMPH ), Jacky ( SIGNAL AOUT 42 ), X ( SHOC CORRIDOR ), Dimitri ( IAMBIA ), Hagen ( SPLATTER SQUALL ), Saffio e Chemnitz ( KLONAVENUS ), PhiL ( VALIUM ERA ), Tony ( AUTOCLAV1.1 ), Nigen ( ARTIFICIAL INFEKTION ), Andrea e Diego ( ZERO A.D.), Mike ( ADVERSE REACTION ), ADOLF FILTER, A.D.A.C.8286,... and me!"
I write with Slovak EBM group The Dark and Juraj Somolanyi write me:
"I like your promo and relief The Dark group and every groups i'm very happy for your blog work for EBM-Industrial music style. With best regards JS."
All post in my blog are links for my EBM music collection and i share only full free...
You'll want to start by logging into your Movable Type installation, and finding the "Edit Configuration" link for the blog you'd like to license.

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You can add a CC license to almost any blog as you can almost any website. Here are instructions for a few specific blogging platforms.

Movable Type

1-movabletype.gif Step one: Login to Movable Type

You'll want to start by logging into your Movable Type installation, and finding the "Edit Configuration" link for the blog you'd like to license.

2-movabletype.gif Step two: Edit Configuration/Choose license

On the main configuration page, click on the "Preferences" option in the upper right area, then scroll down to the link marked "Create a License now" link. Answer the questions, scroll down to save your configuration, then republish your blog to see a license button added to your site.


1-chooselicense.gif Step one: Choose a license

Start by choosing a license for your work at the Creative Commons website.

Choose a license for your blog

2-copycode.gif Step two: Copy the code

On the "Mark your content" page of the license process, copy the code provided by highlighting it with your mouse and hitting ctrl-c (command-c on a Mac).

3-blogger.gif Step three: Paste code into your Blogger Template

Log into your Blogger blog, then click the Template tab to edit the code. Near the end of the template code, before you see </body></html>, paste in the code copied in the previous step by clicking the page and hitting ctrl-v (command-v on a Mac).

Click "Save Template Changes" then republish your blog to add your license to your Blogger site.


Begin by follow the first two steps above for Blogger to choose a license and copy the code.

3-typepad.gif Step three: Create a new Typelist

You'll want to create a new Typelist to hold the Creative Commons license code. Log into Typepad, then click on the Typelists tab, and create a new Typelist called CC or Creative Commons, and make it a Link type of list.

4-typepad.gif 'Step four: Paste code into your new Typelist

Click "New Item" to add a Typelist item, and paste your license code into the "Notes" area and save the item.

5-typepad.gif Step five: Change Typelist configuration

Once the item is saved in your new Typelist, click the "Edit Configuration" link for your Creative Commons typelist, then scroll down to the Advanced options, and under "Display Notes" click the "as text" option and save.

6-typepad.gif Step six: Add Typelist to your blog

The last step is to add the typelist to your blog. Click the "Edit Design" option on your blog, then click the "Content" link and scroll down to the Typelists options, then click your Creative Commons typelist, save, then republish your blog to add the license.