Birthday Party 2008 Guatemala

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[[Venue:=Fiesta Callejera @ Sophos|]] [[Address:=Plaza Fontabella Local 1D 2º Nivel 4ª avenida 12-59 zona 10|]] [[City:=Guatemala|]] {{#if:Guatemala|[[State:=Guatemala|]]|}} {{#if:01010|[[Postal Code:=01010|]]|}} [[Country:=Guatemala|]] [[Date:=2008/12/16 04:00:00 AM UTC|]]

Creative Commons was born December 2002, and to celebrate we're inviting the CC Community worldwide to join the party!

We will celebrate with a Poetry "duelo" between two famous writers, and a Flickr contest "Galería de Fiesta", sharing guatemalans and their way to celebrate. It will take place at the bookshop where we will sing "Feliz Cumpleaños CC".

After that, at night, a real Fiesta Callejera will take place at the Historical Center of the city at the National Center of Culture where we will be celebrating with piñatas, ccMusic and projecting pictures of "Galería de Fiesta" in front of the National Palace of the Government.