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(Milestone 2.5 - Send Invites outSan Francisco Invite List)
(Milestone 2.5 - Send Invites outSan Francisco Invite List)
Line 194: Line 194:
* Lauren Schoenhalter lks@stanford.edu (Stanford GC)
* Lauren Schoenhalter lks@stanford.edu (Stanford GC)
* David Bollier (journo who is writing a book about us) bollier@essential.org
* People are were working with on the Apple iTunes project (to remind them that  we exist)
* People are were working with on the Apple iTunes project (to remind them that  we exist)

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This is the general planning space for a December 2006 event home-based in San Francisco, CA, but synchronized with other CC Partys around the world, all throwing a party to celebrate Creative Commons' 4th birthday.



Anyone interested in and already who knows the young Creative Commons anywhere in the world.


A birthday party for Creative Commons for all of the friends, users, developer and soon-to-be friends of Creative Commons. There will be drinks, music, videos and so much fun. Also, the event will be coordinated with other CC Birthday Party's in hopes of having a continuous birthday celebratino and synchronization to light up the blogosphere, explore CC-licensed content, and to meet up with friends.


Friday, December 15, 2006, 9 PM - 2 AM

(NOTE: The wed, DEC 13 sf salon is cancelled to make way for this party!)


At a venue of your choosing in different locations. For example, for San Francisco, Songbird loft space in the Mission, SF, CA, USA

Please see the #Parties section below to add your party!


To celebrate Creative Commons birthday for the young Creative Commons and all of its friends in the global community, but in local meetings.


This will be executed by Creative Commons staff, affiliates, the community and partners, like Songbird.

Invitation Text: Finalize Tuesday, Nov 21

Creative Commons Turns 4!

Songbird has generously offered to host Creative Commons' birthday party. So come take part in celebrating the 4 years CC has worked to promote and enable a participatory culture. Raise your glass to their promising future.

Dj Oonce Oonce, Y and Z will be keeping the party going all night but the official hours are 9-2am and is located at 777 Florida Street Suite 300

San Francisco, CA 94110 - entrance on 20th St.

Creative Commons is in the midst of their annual fundraising campaign so feel free to bring a monetary gift to show your support for their work.

Creative Commons would like to thank: Cooley Godward for providing the open bar Superflex for providing the free beer and Songbird for the entire evening.

Specialized Invitation Text

Dear XXX

We would be honored if you would attend our 4th Birthday Party, being hosted by Songbird, Friday Dec. 15th. You are a long term suppporter and we would like to highlight your support and celebrate our birthday with you. Please rsvp to Melissa (melissa@creativecommons.org), CC Development Coordinator, by Dec. 8th. If you are unable to attend please extend this invitation to your associates. Please find our general invitation information listed below.

Warm Regards,



Milestone 1 - Planning Meeting 1

  • Monday, October 30 - Pre-planning questions: Sharon, Melissa, Jen
  • Thursday, November 2 - CC/Sb intro call: Rob, Sharon, Mike, Eric, Melissa, Jen, Jon
  • Send out email to CC affiliates about the event and call for participation

Milestone 2 - Planning Meeting 2

  • SUN/MON NOV 19/20 for first blog about (what it is, how to link up, make clear path to b-day)
  • Blog once a week about bday until event (and day of heavy)
  • Get songbird's list of DJs (melissa)
  • (DONE) CC to provide one dj (before large PR) - Maria (oonceoonce) (jon)
  • (DONE) Get a primary MC for the night - we will get Glenn (jon)
  • Large PR ready for Eric on TUES NOV 28
  • Send out PR to affiliates on SUN DEC 3
  • Send out to press outlets on MON DEC 4
  • SUN/MON NOV 19/20 - Specific Invite List OUT

Milestone 2.5 - Send Invites outSan Francisco Invite List

Please add to it, here's the people that I have emails for:

  • Google
    • Leslie Hawthorn
    • Chris Dibona
    • Glen Brown (hosting)
    • Daphne Keller
  • Cooley Godward
    • Megan Propp will circulate invite
  • Flickr
    • Stewart Butterfield
    • Caterina Fake
  • Craigslist
    • Craig Newmark
  • Revver
    • Stevven Starr
    • Micki Krimmel
  • Red Hat
    • Mark Webster (I know they're in NC but it would still be nice to send them an invite anyway)
  • Sun
    • Greg
    • Pinakin
  • Second Life
    • Philip Rosedale
    • Liana Linden (this is not Liana's last name, it's Holmberg)
    • Kara Jordan
    • Jean Miller
    • James Au
  • Current TV
    • Joel Hyatt
  • Hewlett
    • Catherine Casserly
    • Jennie Fong
  • BoingBoing
    • Dave Pescowitz
    • Cory Doctorow
    • Xeni?? (check with Eric)
  • PLOS
    • Barbara Cohen
    • Catherine Silvestre
    • Hemai Parthasarathy
    • Mark Patterson mpatterson@plos.org
  • EFF - extend to all staff
    • Derek Slater
    • Jason Schultz
    • Fred von Lohmann
    • Cindy Cohn
    • Gwen Hinze
  • Magnatune staff
  • Wired staff
    • Melanie
  • Make staff
    • David Pescovitz
  • GOOD mag staff
    • Max
  • Government
    • Al Gore
    • Bill Clinton
    • Tipper Gore
  • Wilson Sonsini
    • Cathy Kirkman CKirkman@wsgr.com
    • Cosovanu, Catalin ccosovanu@wsgr.com
  • Colette Vogele colette@vogelelaw.com
  • Berkman Center (CC US project lead)
    • John Palfrey jpalfrey@cyber.law.harvard.edu
    • Phil Malone pmalone@cyber.law.harvard.edu
    • Jeffrey Cunard jpcunard@debevoise.com
  • MacArthur Foundation
    • Elspeth Revere
    • John Bracken
    • Kathy Im
  • Rockefeller Foundation (check with Larry)
  • Omidyar Network (check with Larry/Fran/John W)
  • Yahoo!
    • Abigail Phillips abigail@yahoo-inc.com
    • Check with Mike for others
    • Lisa Petrides lisa@iskme.org
  • Hal Plotkin hplotkin@plotkin.com
  • martha Kanter mjk2014@fhda.edu
  • Lauren Schoenhalter lks@stanford.edu (Stanford GC)
  • David Bollier (journo who is writing a book about us) bollier@essential.org
  • People are were working with on the Apple iTunes project (to remind them that we exist)
    • Scott Stocker stocker@stanford.edu
    • Cindy Pearson pearsonc@stanford.edu
    • Check with Mike re Apple people
  • Microsoft (check with Larry/Mike)
  • Zimbio
    • Tony Marmone tony@zimbio.com
    • Danny Khatib danny@zimbio.com
  • Evan Prodromou/Michelle Ann Jenkins (Debian/wikitravel) evan@prodromou.name
  • Benjamin Mako Hill (Debian & CC Critic) mako@atdot.cc
  • Erik Moeller (CC Critic) moeller@scireview.de
  • Free Culture kids - Fred, Nelson, Elizabeth etc.
  • All former interns
  • Miscellaneous invites-
    • 543 Howard staff
    • All Salon presenters, performers? (Jon)
    • CCi list
  • Speaking
    • Melissa and/or another special guest (Joi = no, haven't heard back from Jimmy, Larry will be in Portugal)
    • Host for the evening, Glenn Otis Brown with other special guests John Buckman (new CC board member / Magnatune), Superflex "Free Beer" project

Milestone 3 - Day of the event

  • MONDAY DEC 11 - drinks situation taken care of (MELISSA + SHARON)
    • 3-4 kegs + wine + liquor
    • free beer from Superflex guys?
  • WED DEC 13 - Prepare Schwag
    • free schwag - flyers, stickers, buttons, media kits
    • t-shirt sales - to be discussed (minimal, if any at all)
    • laptop for PayPal-ing?
    • bring microphone
  • MONDAY DEC 11 - donations strategy decided
    • tip jar
    • right at door
    • straight out ask (pass the hat)
    • big donors? how to get there, and connect them in?


San Francisco


  • Project Leader
    • Alek Tarkowski
  • Location
    • TBD
  • Time
    • TBD

Add Your City Here

Fill in the TBD entries

  • Project Leader
    • TBD
  • Location
    • TBD
  • Time
    • TBD

External Links

  • Songbird - Company that is helping us with this event.