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Baseline Rights

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All Creative Commons licenses have many important features in common.

Every license will help you

  • retain your copyright
  • attribute you autorship
  • announce that other people’s fair use, first sale, and free expression rights are not affected by the license.

Every license requires licensees

  • to get your permission to do any of the things you choose to restrict — e.g., make a commercial use, create a derivative work;
  • to keep any copyright notice intact on all copies of your work;
  • to link to your license from copies of the work;
  • not to alter the terms of the license
  • not to use technology to restrict other licensees’ uses of the work

Every license allows licensees, provided they live up to your conditions, at least non-commercially

  • to copy the work
  • to distribute it
  • to display or perform it publicly
  • to make digital public performances of it (e.g., webcasting)
  • to shift the work into another format as a verbatim copy

Every license

  • applies worldwide
  • lasts for the duration of the work’s copyright
  • is not revocable
  • non exclusive
  • Creative Commons is not party of agreement and don't grantee quality of work
  • creates agreement between original author and second user (see about Bob and Carol - Frequently Asked Questions)

Note that some of these features does not apply to our public domain tools and certain retired licenses.

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