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Affiliated Institution
[ Vienna University of Economics] (academic institution)
Legal Coordination
Dr. Florian Philapitsch, LL.M
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The team from Austria is taking care on jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses and is promoting the usage of CC licenses in cultural, educational and governmental organizations and in the creative industries sector.

Recent activities

- contribution to a booklet for the creativwirtschaft austria / WKÖ about copyright / trademark / patent issue (order for free any quantity or download here)

- contribution to a policy making document on music funding for ZIT

- consulting on Open Data provisioning

CC Austria Mailing List

Discussion on licensing is on a mailing list:

Read the discussion archives. Subscribe to the discussion. Post a message.

CC 3.0 – German explanation of substantive legal changes (PDF) CC 1.0 – License draft (PDF) CC 1.0 – English explanation of substantive legal changes (PDF)

The Department of Information Technology Law and Intellectual Property Law

In September 2002, the first special chair of Civil Law, Information Technology Law and E-Commerce Law was established in Austria. The Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration has taken this step to provide an institutional frame for this field of legal research and teaching.

Following this appointment, the Department of Information Technology Law and Intellectual Property Law was created as part of the Institute of Civil Law, Commercial Law and Law of Securities.

Both in research and in teaching, the department’s main emphasis is on E-Commerce Law, IT-Law, Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law. This includes current legal problems as well as basic/fundamental legal questions. The department’s main focus is on practical and interdisciplinary work.

The Department of Design and Media Based Communication at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

The department is offering teaching and research resources for intermedial design and communication challenges. During 2004-2006, it was managing the Competence Network Media Design, which supported the launch of Creative Commons in Austria at the Ars Electronica in 2005 (with the legendary "Open Source Water Bottles") and the launch of Registered Commons in 2006 at the Wizards of OZ conference in Berlin as a timestamping service for the CC community.