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=== Audio ===
=== Audio ===
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This is a list of Creative Commons licensed audio media. The original page is partially ported here.

Types of Audio

Featured Audio Sites


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Literal Systems


Fading Way label


The 2006 edition of this international music contest was open to unsigned artists playing rock, urban/hip-hop, and electronic music. This year's entries are licensed to the public under the CC Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 license.

Pump Audio

Pump Audio works with independent musicians to get their music licensed in commercial media projects. You submit your work to Pump, and if they can find someone who wants to use it in their project, Pump will handle the arrangements and pay you 50% of the resulting licensing fees and/or royalties. Pump offers a variety of Creative Commons license options on their site for musicians who want to allow non-commercial use of their work.


Provides an archive of CC-licensed music that's available for download via P2P. Jamendo features tags, user reviews and personalized recommendations, so you can easily find new tunes that suit your tastes.


A music remix site that tracks samples across different artists, all available under sampling licenses so that you too can join in the mix.


A new music label focused on try-before-you-buy music. Features licensed, downloadable tracks from a wide variety of artists that can also be purchased direct from the site


An electronic music community that offers Creative Commons-licensed tracks from genres like IDM, drum 'n' bass, and ambient.

" Dmusic

The oldest online digital music community, DMusic offers Creative Commons licenses for artists hosting their music.


Features a pool of Creative Commons licensed audio. You may submit your MP3s.


Years of Supreme Court proceedings available as licensed MP3, with more to come


Thousands of licensed music files are available here, on this community music hosting service.


  • Main URL: http://www.subflow.net
  • CC-only portal: all music streamed is CC-licensed
  • CC-only feed: n/a
  • Formats: mp3 192kbs
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: 24/7 streaming, music from netlabel scene (~20Go, grow every week)
  • Notes: 1 Ambient-Dub-Downtempo streaming + 1 Tech-Minimal streaming



  • Main URL: http://simuze.com
  • CC-only portal: everything is CC-licensed unless noted otherwise
  • Newsfeed: http://www.simuze.nl/live/nieuws/wp-rss2.php
  • Formats: audio
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: 1277 tracks (as of 2007-06-13)
  • Notes: Simuze is not just an online platform but also organizes events where CC musicians perform.



Starfrosch - Open Content



  • Main URL: http://magnatune.com
  • CC-only portal: everything is CC-licensed
  • CC-only feed:?
  • Formats: audio
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: 373 albums (as of 20050823)
  • Notes:

Mix2r (pronounced "Mixter")

  • Main URL: http://www.mix2r.com
  • CC-only portal: everything is CC-licensed
  • CC-only feed:?
  • Formats: audio
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: 7 GB (as of 20061231) and growing
  • Notes: Site allows users to contribute tracks of reuse stub tracks for their own mixes, audio projects.


  • Main URL: http://www.jamendo.com/
  • Notes: Jamendo hosts full music albums, available for both streaming and download on P2P (BitTorrent, eMule) ; Social tools, Web service, amazon-like recommendations ; Services for artists ; organization/recording of CC live performances.
  • CC-only portal: everything is CC-licensed
  • CC-only feed: RSS/Podcasts/Javascript feeds
  • Formats: audio: MP3 192k / Ogg Vorbis Q7
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: 2800+ full music albums = 35000+ files (as of 20070613)


  • Main URL: http://www.jamglue.com
  • Notes: Has a flash-based mixer for remixing right in your browser!
  • CC-only portal: everything is CC-licensed
  • CC-only feed: RSS/Podcasts feeds
  • Formats: audio: MP3
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: 1500+ tracks, 2000+ mixes (as of 20061216)


  • Main URL: http://globaltune.net
  • CC-only portal: Yes
  • Formats: audio
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: 2000+
  • Notes: User contributed radio with listener driven rotation



  • Main URL: http://www.garageband.com
  • CC-only portal: ?
  • CC-only feed: ?
  • Formats: audio
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: ?
  • Notes: only allows by-nc-nd/2.0


  • Main URL: http://dmusic.com
  • CC-only portal: ?
  • CC-only feed: http://dmusic.com/feeds/cc_licensed.rss
  • Formats: audio
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: ?
  • Notes: Dmusic is the oldest independent music website, featuring non-drm music, an active community, and lots of free upload space.

Creative Collective

Dogmazic.net - Musique Libre !

  • Main URL: http://www.dogmazic.net/
  • CC-mainly portal: 80% CC / 20% other Libre licenses
  • CC-mainly feeds: m3u, rss, podcasts
  • Formats: audio: mp3, ogg
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: around 7000 tracks, 400 full EPs - out of total +8200 tracks, 536 EPs; 900 artists, 100 labels (as of 20061106)
  • Notes: music & information portal on copyleft/Libre music; all copyleft/Libre licenses welcome; frenchbased, lang= fr. & eng.


BeatPick - FairPlay Music Label

  • Main URL: http://beatpick.com
  • CC-only portal: everything is CC-licensed
  • CC-only feed: ?
  • Formats: audio: mp3 / OGG / WAV
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: 100+ artists/bands. 100++ albums/EP. 800++ tracks. Catalogue is growing day by day.
  • Notes: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5. Selected for quality artists only. Online Music licensing: all music is pre-cleared and can be licensed for commercial purposes.

Ekleipsi Netlabel

  • Main URL: http://www.ekleipsi.com
  • CC-only portal: yes
  • CC-only feed: RSS-Releases
  • CC-only podcast: Ekleipsi Podcast Episodes Releases Preview
  • Formats: mp3 @ 192kbps / 128Kbps / 64Kbps / VBR
  • Size and scope of CC-licensed collection: Catalogue providing free musical releases. Growing every month.
  • Notes: Ekleipsi is a netlabel focused on obscure music in all its forms and expressions.




Podcasting Legal Guide

Inspired by the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Legal Guide for Bloggers, the Podcasting Legal Guide is designed to outline both legal and practical issues that are specifically relevant for podcasters, such as using music and video in a podcast.

HOWTO License and Publish

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