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Fundación Vía Libre (NGO)
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Beatriz Busaniche
Latin America
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Creative Commons would like to thank its prior affiliate Bienes Comunes for its hard work creating the Argentina jurisdiction-specific licenses.

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Prior Legal Lead: Professor Ariel Vercelli

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Jurisdiction: Argentina

Afiliated Institutions: Wikimedia Argentina - Fundación Vía Libre

Complete list of all members of the Affiliate Team, their roles, and field(s) of expertise

Beatriz Busaniche is a professor at the Social Sciences Faculty of the National University of Buenos Aires, works for Vía Libre Foundation and is a Founding Member of Wikimedia Argentina. She has earned a Mass Communication Degree from National Univesity of Rosario and is currently preparing her Masters Degree on Intellectual Property at FLACSO Argentina. She's our public team leader for FVL. and

Patricio Lorente is the Chairman and one of the Founding members of Wikimedia Argentina. Patricio works at the National University of La Plata. A very active wikipedian, he is an administrator in Wikipedia in Spanish since 2006. He is our Public Leader for WA. and

Lila Pagola is a photographer, designer and visual artist. She is a professor at the National University of Villa María and the National University of Cordoba. Based in Córdoba, where she is one of the main promoters of Free Culture, Lila is the main editor of RWX, a CC licensed free culture digital magazine. She is one of the leaders of Nomade Project. Member of Vía Libre Foundation and Wikimedia Argentina. and

Evelin Heidel is a student at the University of Buenos Aires. She has been active in promoting free access to educational materials at the University since 2007. Member of Vía Libre Foundation and regular contributor of

Juan Pablo Suárez is a Graphic Designer (University of Buenos Aires), musician and free software user. He works freelance in graphic design since 1995 and develops his activism in favour of free access to culture from his blog "Derecho a Leer",, and from a section in Users magazine. Juan Pablo collaborates regularly with organizations from the free culture field, and at this moment he is working in the content management system Cyclope GPL at CodigoSur organization.

José C. Massón is an engineering student at the National Technology University, Buenos Aires, who is active in the free software and in the community media movements. At FM La Tribu, he leads the first radio program distributed under CC license in Argentina. José works as a free software developer at Cooperativa GCoop. and

Gabriel Acquistapace is the main leader of USLA Project, (Free Software Users of Argentina), a free software infrastructure project aiming to support free culture and free software using free, community driven and self managed infrastructure for the community. He has strong ties with the national free software community. Member of FVL and of the Board of Wikimedia Argentina.

Soledad Nakama is a member of Vía Libre Foundation. She is interested in the educational field.

Matías Lennie is a musician with a long experience and commitment in the free culture field. As one of the founders and active promoters of he has been producing music and audio projects under CC Licenses and participating in several free culture initiatives in Argentina and the region.