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== Applications with Creative Commons licensing built-in ==
The following list of software packages and web applications incorporated Creative Commons licensing, so you won't have to copy/paste HTML from licenses or add buttons to your pages.
=== Photography Applications ===
* [http://www.onfocus.com/snap/ SnapGallery]: [Windows] Drag a folder of photos on your desktop onto this script and it will automatically build you a Gallery of HTML pages. You can select a license during setup that will be embedded in each gallery page.
=== Weblog Applications ===
* [http://movabletype.org/ Movable Type]: [server software] A robust weblogging system that allows you to select and apply a license to your individual blogs. Displays the button and metadata automatically.
* [http://manila.userland.com/ Manila]: [server software] Another weblog management system that allows authors to select licenses for their blogs, displaying the button and metadata in your site's template.
* [http://www.squarespace.com Squarespace]: [service] A website- and blog-publishing service that allows users to select a CC license for their sites and displays a license button and metadata automatically.
=== Web Applications ===
* [http://www.archive.org/ Archive.org]: An archive of content, the [http://www.archive.org/movies/opensource_movies.php Open Source Movies] section displays Creative Commons licenses and lets anyone add their own movies under a license. The [http://www.archive.org/audio/collection.php?collection=opensource_audio Open Source Audio] section does the same, but for audio files.
* [http://ymdi.org YMDI]: Youth Media Distribution is a teen-themed offshoot of the documentary filmmaking non-profit Media Rights. Teens can upload films they have created, get information on how to distribute films, and license their films for use by others.
* [http://stories.about.ticketstubs.org/ Ticketstubs.org]: Share stories of past concerts, movies, and events. When you contribute a story, you can license your story for use by others.
* [http://bumperactive.com Bumperactive.com]: Create your own bumper sticker.  The CC license engine is integrated to Bumperactive's [http://www.bumperactive.com/uploadSticker.jsp upload process].
=== Mobile Applications ===
* [http://winksite.com WINKsite]: A mobile publishing system that allows you to select and apply a license to your mobile site & blog. Displays the button and metadata is automatically included in feeds.
'''Note to developers:''' If you have incorporated Creative Commons licensing into your application (per our [[Web Integration|documentation]]), and you'd like your application to appear on this list, please create an account on this wiki and click 'edit' to add your application.

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