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The AgShare deployment works analogously to the CC Labs deployment of DiscoverEd. Some important things to note:

  • Username: agshare
  • Host name: (currently the same as

So, for example, to set up your environment, do:

$ sudo su - agshare

Given that, give Running DiscoverEd a look!

Deploying new WARs

To deploy a new war, do this:

  • rm -rf ~/tomcat/webapps/ROOT
  • cp nutch-1.1.war ~/tomcat/webapps/ROOT.war

Then restart Tomcat.

Restarting Tomcat

The AgShare deployment uses a Tomcat instance in its $HOME (supported by the tomcat6-instance-create script). It's wrapped as "/etc/init.d/agshare" so the boot process can use it. But you can restart it this way:

  • ~/tomcat/bin/
  • ~/tomcat/bin/

Starting Tomcat at boot

/etc/rc.local contains a call to run ~/tomcat/bin/ as the agshare user. That's kind of hackish, I realize.