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Welcome to our wiki for the CC Affiliate Network!

The CC Affiliate Network is comprised of legal experts and other professionals around the world who are associated with Creative Commons and working to build and help maintain communities of CC license users.

Important Dates
  • Oct. 1 - Dec 31 -- CC Fundraising Campaign
  • '"Oct. 4"' -- CC posts new affiliate MOU and related policies for comment
  • Oct. 7 -- CC Europe Regional Meeting, Berlin, Germany
  • Oct. 18 -- Close of affiliate comment period on new MOU
  • Oct. 18 -- CC posts board reporting template for affiliate comment
  • Beginning Oct. 20 -- Current jurisdiction teams receive new MOU and a Roadmap template, for finalizing with CC.
  • Oct. 24 -- CC Arab World Regional Meeting, Doha, Qatar
  • Nov 18-19 -- CC Latam Regional Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Nov 24 -- Deadline for existing teams to transfer to new MOU; jurisdiction teams provide updated project information.
  • Dec 16 -- CC (9th) birthday parties

Affiliate Program Enhancements -- Call for Affiliate comments on new MOU and updated policies

In an effort to improve our Affiliate program and CC's global reach and impact, Creative Commons is creating new opportunities for individuals and organizations to engage with CC. Among other things, we aim to improve our infrastructure so that we can better support Affiliate collaboration, with CC directly as well as between Affiliates, jurisdictions, and regions.

The first step in this process is to improve coordination with our existing Affiliates with MOUs or similar agreements. Many of the existing agreements we have with Affiliates are many years old and outdated. CC is pleased to announce a new form Memorandum of Understanding and updated related Policies for our existing official Affiliates, which will replace our existing MOU and other Affiliate-related agreements and policies. CC is posting the new and improved MOU and Policies for comment by existing, official Affiliates of CC. The comment process will close on 18 October 2010.

Information about our new MOU and related policies can be found on our MOU and Policies Summary Page. We encourage you to take a look at these documents and share your feedback. Please note that all Affiliates are expected to transition to the new form of MOU by 30 November 2010 to continue affiliation with CC.

General Events and Advocacy Development



  • Roadmap - Contribute where your jurisdiction project is going
  • Documentation - Help create and translate critical docs.
  • Transparency - Lets be more transparent, right?
  • Translate - Help translate CC infrastructure
Agreements and Policies Organizational Communication