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Welcome to our wiki for Creative Commons affiliates!

The international porting project consists of experts around the world who adapt the core Creative Commons Licenses to different copyright legislations. The porting process involves both linguistically translating the licenses and legally adapting them to particular jurisdictions.

This wiki is for Creative Commons jurisdictions projects, project leads, and the public to access and share documents, ideas, and resources about the license porting process and related projects.

See Wikipedia's how to edit a page for details.

Affiliate Program Improvements

In an effort to improve our Affiliate program, Creative Commons is identifying ways to expand opportunities for individuals and organizations to engage with CC and working to create an infrastructure that better supports Affiliate collaboration. To that end, we are restructuring our Memorandum of Understanding and CC policies, and we are requesting input from our Affiliates on the restructured documents.

Information about our new Memorandum of Understanding and Creative Commons policies can be found on our MOU and Policies Summary Page. We encourage you to take a look at these documents and share your feedback.

General Events and Advocacy Development



  • Roadmap - Contribute where your jurisdiction project is going
  • Documentation - Help create and translate critical docs.
  • Transparency - Lets be more transparent, right?
  • Translate - Help translate CC infrastructure
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