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'''Important Note About License Porting'''  
'''Important Note About License Porting'''  
CC has established a policy against porting of its licenses in jurisdictions prior to the establishment of a robust, local community outreach program.  CC approves such proposals only after a thorough review of the rationale and need for that localization. Please consider participating in our unofficial license translation program instead, coming soon.  Contact CC to learn more.
Please note that CC’s policy is to not a begin any new porting projects as we are currently preparing for version 4.0.
* [[Porting_Principle|The Porting Principle]] - Discussion about porting
* [[Porting_Principle|The Porting Principle]] - Discussion about porting

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Welcome to our wiki for the CC Affiliate Network!

The CC Affiliate Network is comprised of legal experts and other professionals around the world who are associated with Creative Commons, working to build and help maintain communities of CC license users.

Important Dates 2011
  • Jan. 10 -- Last day to submit proposal to co-host CC Global Meeting 2011
  • April 30 -- Last day for current affiliates to transition to new MOU
  • early May -- Q1/Q2 combined Affiliate_Calls/Q1_2011
  • Sept. 16-18 -- Global Meeting, Warsaw, Poland

Affiliate Program Enhancements

In an effort to improve our CC Affiliate Network and program, and CC's global reach and impact, Creative Commons is enhancing existing opportunities for individuals and organizations to engage with CC as well as creating new ones. Among other things, we aim to improve our infrastructure so that we can better support the efforts of our Affiliates and their collaboration with CC directly as well as between themselves and throughout their jurisdiction and region.

Step 1: Call for Affiliate comments on updated MOU and policies - Complete

CC posted its updated Memorandum of Understanding and updated related policies for comment by our existing official Affiliates; a summary of the comment phase is available on the MOU Discussion page.

Step 2: Transitioning to new MOUs

The second step in this process is to improve our relationship with existing Affiliates who have MOUs or similar agreements already in place. Many if not most of those agreements are outdated in at least some respects. We believe that updating, standardizing and modularizing these agreements will better serve CC and the Affiliates. Doing so will provide a clearer picture of shared responsibilities and opportunities for improving our outreach, accountability, and accomplishing shared goals like community building.

About Affiliate Teams and Resources Agreements and Policies Legal Tools and Localization

Current Legal Agreements and Policies


Important Note About License Porting Please note that CC’s policy is to not a begin any new porting projects as we are currently preparing for version 4.0.

Case Studies and Adoption Regions Communication & Events


Current Events