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The implementation of the Abode Metadata (XMP FileInfo) panel has changed starting with CS4. For Adobe CS4 and CS5, see below.

Adobe CS3 Suite

You can add a panel to Adobe Photoshop CS3 and other Adobe CS3 based XMP-compliant applications. This panel lets you choose a license from the convenience of the File Info box. Here's how:

On Windows

Just run our setup program:

You may have to restart the application before it notices the new panel.

On Mac

Simply download our installer disk image and run the installer package inside.

More information

You can see:

Adobe CS4 and CS5 Suite

Adobe changed the implementation of XMP starting with it's CS4 suite. Beginning in CS4 the FileInfo dialog is a Flash based application built using Flex or Flash Builder. Installing the text-based CS3 version above will not work.

Under development!

CS4 and CS5 versions of a FileInfo panel for embedding a Creative Commons license is currently under development. This will be functional where ever the FileInfo XMP Flash application is exposed (ie. Photoshop, Illustrator, ...). It will not support the application based panels like those found in (for example) Bridge, Premiere Pro or Lightroom.