Adding a CC mark to a WordPress blog

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Adding a Creative Commons mark (marking) allows people to easily see how your work is licensed, and allows search engines to index your page by license.

If you have a WordPress blog on your own domain, there are at least two ways to add a CC mark:

  • By editing the theme's footer.php or sidebar.php file. Get your license button HTML from and paste it into your footer.php (or sidebar.php or wherever you want it to appear).
  • Use a plugin (this is probably the easiest way). If you have a WordPress blog, there's an easy way to add a Creative Commons mark in the footer: the Creative Commons license widget. (That page says it's only tested up to WordPress 2.5, but it seems to be working on our version 2.71 blog without problems. --Chriswaterguy 04:02, 16 May 2009 (UTC)) Note: it's easier to install from the admin interface (click Plugins, then Install) rather than downloading from the link given here.

If you have a blog on


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