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We provide RDF metadata for each our our licenses and the public domain dedication. Many developers will find it easiest to access this metadata via a programming language-specifc API. cclicense.php is an example of such an API for PHP web developers. Ada, C++, E, Java, Lisp, ML, Perl, Ruby, Smalltalk, Tcl (and many more!) are all up for grabs. Your wrapper should also include a small driver program to demonstrate how it can be used to pull license information. Bonus points if your implementation can dynamically discover and wrap new licenses using the Creative Commons metadata vocabulary.

Additional Information

  • Please see the SVG and Inkscape pages to see C++ code that could be used to complete this challenge and/or make your own library for cc metadata and licensing.


  • APIs for C# (Steve Griffin), Javascript Javascript (Nathan Yergler) and Python (Nathan Yergler) have been created in response to this challenge.