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Launch, drafting and process information

Draft 1 Details

(Note that only BY-NC-SA (international) is presented in draft form, as the other licenses are easily crafted from its terms. Comments are not limited solely to this one license but should be presented on the license suite as a whole)

Draft 2 Details

(Note that BY-NC-SA and BY-SA are presented. Comments are not limited solely to these two licenses, however.)

Draft 3 Details

  • Comment period: 15 February 2013 until approximately 10 September 2013

4.0d3 Licenses

(all six are presented in HTML; BY-NC-SA is published in alternative formats as well)

Draft 4 Details

  • Publication: TBA, September 2013
    • Blog post: TBA
    • Announcement to license development list: TBA
  • Comment period (abbreviated): TBA, approximately two weeks from publication

4.0d4 Licenses

  • TBA

Other documents

Side-by-side comparison between BY-NC-SA 4.0d2 and 4.0d3, with abbreviated explanations PDF (only)

Attribution requirements comparisons

  • 3.0 and 4.0d3 PDF (only)
  • 4.0d2 and 4.0d3 PDF (only)