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Welcome to the Public Discussion of 4.0d3

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This page provides information specific to the public discussion of the third draft of version 4.0 (4.0d3). The drafts presented for comment are the result of discussions with the CC community and CC’s many Affiliates via the license-discuss email lists, wiki pages, affiliate consultations and other input.

Please contribute to the discussion on the license development list.

We expect the public comment period be announced shortly. In this phase, we plan to focus on final policy questions and refinements to the current draft.

Treatment of issues and proposals in 4.0d3

The discussion topic pages on our 4.0 wiki provide details on how policy and drafting decisions have been made in 4.0d3. We encourage you to review the explanations at the top of each page (marked as such) for the most comprehensive explanation. As well, please be sure to review the Sandbox page and our new Compatibility page. Finally, the numbered proposals on each topic page have a corresponding note if the topic was addressed in some manner in this draft. We include occasional prompts to highlight areas where additional feedback is especially requested.

Policy and Drafting Decisions

  • Prominent considerations before licensing, no warranties.

We considered in depth a proposal [link] to reintroduce warranties on the part of licensors, but concluded that whatever its benefits the reintroduction would cause more problems than benefits. We are excited by a new change that the proposal inspired, however. We are introducing a new section that precedes the legal code, where important considerations are set forth for both licensors and the public. Its prominent location will raise awareness of the underlying issues the warranty proposal attempted to address. Read a fuller explanation [here].

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Pending Discussion Topics

We welcome feedback on all changes in this draft, as well as the several identified for consideration in this public discussion period:

Coming Soon.

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Feedback requests, including topics and policies still under consideration

Please join the CC license-discuss list or add your input directly to the CC 4.0 wiki.