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Welcome to the Public Discussion of Draft 2

This page provides information specific to the public discussion of the second draft of version 4.0. The draft presented is the result of discussions with the global CC community and CC's many Affiliates via license-discuss email lists, wiki pages, phone calls and in-person meetings.

Please help us continue the discussion by submitting comments on the license-discuss list. We expect the comment period to remain open until the end of August, with draft 3 being published in October.

(Note that for purposes of this first public discussion, we are publishing the draft of BY-NC-SA (international) only. BY-NC-SA contains most of the elements necessary to build the other licenses. Look for complete drafts of the other licenses later in the process.)

Treatment of issues and proposals in Draft 2

The discussion topic pages tracked on our 4.0 wiki contain clearly marked explanations for how the relevant issues have been generally handled in this draft. Additionally, the numbered proposals on each topic page have a corresponding note if the topic was addressed in some manner in this draft. We have also included an occasional prompt to highlight where additional feedback is especially requested. We will do the same for later draft(s).

Core policy and drafting considerations

The 4.0 licenses are intended to operate in largely the same manner as prior versions, granting conditional permission to use the licensed work where permission is required by copyright, and where those rights are held by licensor.

Settled Issues

The excellent discussions after draft 1 have allowed us to settle some of the issues presented in moving from version 3.0 to version 4.0. These items are now set, allowing focus to be placed on the remaining issues.

Settled Issues but for Compatibility=

Creative Commons is working with other members of the open community to explore compatibility between CC 4.0 licenses and other open licenses. Because of this, there are some issues that might still change despite otherwise being settled.

Feedback requests, including topics and policies still under consideration

Please join the CC license-discuss list or add your input directly to the CC 4.0 wiki.

=Issues Open for Discussion Now

Creative Commons would especially like your input on the following issues during this discussion period:

Issues Reserved for after Draft 3

Version 4.0 is a big task and not every issue can be handled at once. Just as some issues were settled after the draft 1 discussion and some remained, certain issues will be discussed after the next draft, rather than during this discussion period.

  • Porting