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This page presented an issue for consideration in the CC license suite 4.0 versioning process. The discussions have now concluded with the publication of the 4.0 licenses, and the information on this page is now kept as an archive of previous discussions. The primary forum for issues relating to the 4.0 versioning process was the CC license discuss email list. You may subscribe to contribute to any continuing post-launch discussions, such as those surrounding compatibility and license translation. The wiki has been populated with links to relevant email threads from the mailing list where applicable, and other topics for discussion were raised in the 4.0/Sandbox. See the 4.0 page for more about the process.

Page summary: Creative Commons is exploring compatibility with the stewards of the Free Art License and the GNU GPL v3.0. The idea of CC Compatible Licenses was introduced to the SA licenses in version 3.0 and included a still empty website page for listing compatible licenses.

Draft 1 Treatment: Not addressed in draft 1.

Draft 2 Treatment:

Proposals for compatibility in 4.0

For ease of reference on discussion lists, please do not alter proposal numbers.

[Note: these proposals are not necessarily mutually exclusive]

Please add other compatibility proposals here, and number them sequentially.