2019 Global Summit Lisbon

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Before you leave home

Visa and Entry Requirements for Portugal

If you haven't already applied for your visa, it may be too late. See here https://summit.creativecommons.org/travelling-to-portugal/


CC HQ and scholarship recipients are staying at My Story Tejo.

Our CC Portugal team kindly put together suggestions for other hotels https://summit.creativecommons.org/accommodations-in-lisbon/


Portugal uses Euros (€). See how much your home currency is compared to EUR! https://www.oanda.com/currency/

Lisbon Weather & Terrain

In May, the weather in Lisbon gets up to the low 20's (Celsius) during the day and mid-teens in the evening. You may see a bit of rain. Be sure to have a jacket and long pants. Lisbon has many hills so if you are walking around, you will want to have comfortable shoes.


Portugal uses Type F for their plugs and sockets. Be sure to bring along an adapter if you are coming from a country that does not use the same type. https://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/portugal/

Language & Maps

People in Lisbon speak Portuguese. Some speak English too. Maybe you can find an translation app for your phone before you leave to help you out along the way!

If you are not able to get a sim card for the time you are in Lisbon, you may want to download some offline maps of Lisbon to your phone.

After you arrive

At the Lisbon Airport

It's a good idea to buy a "7 Colinas Card" at the airport and load some funds on it so you can travel around between venues. The transit ticket system can be a bit complicated so having a card is a bit easier.

They are .50€ and you can load some money on it right there at the airport metro station. Single rides are €1.50 and a day pass is €6.30.

Travel between the airport and the hotel

Taxi - A taxi should cost you about 20€ and be about 15 to 20 minutes.

Uber, Cabify, MyTaxi - you may have one of these apps installed on your phone to arrange rides. After you pick-up your luggage, you should look for the passenger pick up area labeled "TNC/Rideshares" to meet your driver.

Public Transit - Look for signs in the airport for ground transportation. You will board the metro at Aeroporto station and get on the train in the direction of São Sebastião, ride it for 9 stops then change trains at Alameda station. Board the train towards Cais do Sodré and ride it south for 6 stops. Get off the train at Rossio station and walk one minute to R. Condes de Monsanto 2 (My Story Tejo Hotel). It is a good idea to look at your route before you are in Lisbon so you are familiar with the route and map.

Travel between venues

There a good system of public transportation in Lisbon. https://www.lisbon.net/transport

If you did not pick a "7 Colinas Card" at the airport, you can pick one up at most metro stations. They are .50€ and you can load some money on it for your travel. Single rides are €1.50 and a day pass is €6.30.

My Story Tejo to Museu do Oriente
Walk a minute or two to Rossio Metro Station. Get on the train towards Cais do Sodré, ride for two stops, then switch trains at Cais do Sodre and get on the 19215Cascais train, ride for about 3 minutes, get off at Alcantara-Mar and walk about 5 minutes to the Museum. This trip takes about 40 minutes.

If you wanted to walk, it would take about one hour. If you wanted to take a taxi or other ride, it would take about 15 minutes.

Museu Oriente to Capitolio

Walk 5 minutes to the bus 720 Picheleira/faria Vasconcelos and ride it for 9 stops. Get off at Marquês de Pombal and walk 10 minutes to Capitolio.

If you wanted to walk it would take you about one hour.

My Story Tejo to Capitolio'
It is just a 15 minute walk. Take a look at the map before you leave. If you wish to take transit, you could take bus 208 Fetais from Rossio station, for two stops, then walk over to Parque Mayer, where you will find Captiolio.

If you take a taxi to the venue, it should be about 5 minutes.

Capitolio to My Story Tejo
It's just a 15 minute walk back to the hotel. Or you could take the 207 Fetais back to Rossio station and walk the one or two minutes back to the hotel.

If you take a taxi back to the hotel, it should be about 5 minutes.

SIM Cards & Cellphones

There are kiosks in the airport where you can get a temporary sim card. It should cost about 15 or 20 EUR for a sim card with data for a week or so. MEO or Vodafone are both reliable carriers.

If you aren't able to do this at the airport, you can look for other locations in Lisbon through each of their websites:


Summit Venues

Museu do Oriente
Av. Brasília 352
1350-352 Lisboa, Portugal
Nearest transit station:

Parque Mayer
Lisboa, Portugal
Nearest transit station:


Make sure you registered for the event!

When you arrive, simply show a piece of identification to a person at the registration desk to get in. Do not lose your badge, it is your access pass for the whole weekend.

Web Information

Program: https://ccglobalsummit2019lisbonportugal.sched.com/

Twitter: @ccglobalsummit

Hashtag: #ccsummit

Slack channel: #cc-summit

Printing Services

Near My Story Tejo https://centrosarcoiris.pt/

Near Oriente http://www.imagemove.pt/

Other https://finepaper.pt/

Meeting Spaces



You'll find the Lisbon wikitravel page here https://wikitravel.org/en/Lisbon

Food & Drink


Music & Culture