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Reuse Tracking

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How to track reuse of licensed works? CcMixter provides one implementation. When a work is uploaded, ask what existing works have been remixed. This can work across sites via a Sample Pool API.


The dc:source property can denote an upstream source (the track that was remixed). The cc:derivativeWork property can denote a remix of a track. ccMixter uses only the former. Skipping verbose rdf/xml syntax with complete URIs, we have something like

cc:Work about=""
  cc:license by-nc-sa
cc:License about="by-nc-sa"
  permits ...
cc:Work about=""
  cc:license ...

Human readable notice

Unless the reused work is public domain attribution must be provided for works reused in a manner consistent with other attribution for the medium, e.g., listed on the work's web page as done at ccMixter. In a video reused works might be listed in credits -- [1] which uses CC licensed music and images in their videos provides an example of this.

When metadata is colocated with human readable content both the machine- and human-readbale information tend to be more accurate and better maintained. (forthcoming)


"Who remixed me?" as the new "Who linked me?"




Implement this!