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Do I just put any old url?

No. You want to point to the home page of a project, program, or educational organization. In the case of an organization, the main url is the url of the organization in which the resource(s) is housed. For example, the main url for the Open Society Institute is:, even if the site you stumbled across initially was In this case, you can put the latter into the Resource url field, since this url takes you directly to some of the resources on the site.

In the case of a project or program, or a specific set of resources offered by a larger and not necessarily educational organization, you should link directly to its page. For example, because NASA has various projects associated with it, we linked to the project url's and not to NASA's home page. Since NASA hosts hundreds of projects and resources, it is pointless to put as the main url of all of them.

When in doubt, it is better off to identify the specific project at hand, since you always include the overarching organization in the title anyway.

Event Form Help:

Use the most specific web address available. For instance, if the event you're linking to is a panel on open education and that panel is being held at a general education conference, it would be best to link to a web page detailing the specific panel rather than the conference as a whole. If there is only a generalized conference page available, that would be OK too. As a general rule: the more specific you can get, the better.

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