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A Free Content and Free and Open Courseware implementation strategy for the University of the Western Cape (South Africa) +South Africa  +
A.09162 An act to establish the taxpayer access to publicly funded research act +United States  +
A.B. 577 Open Education Resource Centers +United States  +
AUSGoal - Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework +Australia  +
Affordable College Textbook Act of 2013 +United States of America  +
Albany Senior High School Creative Commons Policy +New Zealand  +
Album photo de voyage +France  +
Alternative Textbook Initiative +United States of America  +
An Expectation of Sharing. Guidelines for Effective Policies to Respect, Protect and Increase the Use of Digital Educational Resources +United States  +
Apertus Nonprofit Kft. – Szakmai koncepció +Hungary  +
Applications for New Awards; First in the World Program-Development Grants +USA  +
Applications for New Awards; Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP), 78 FR 25717 +United States  +


BC Campus Open Textbook Project +Canada  +
Birthday Party 2007 Beijing +China  +
Birthday Party 2007 Manila +Philippines  +
Birthday Party 2007 Seoul +Korea  +
Birthday Party 2008 Ann Arbor +USA  +
Birthday Party 2008 Beijing +China  +
Birthday Party 2008 Belgrade +Serbia  +
Birthday Party 2008 Berkeley +USA  +
Birthday Party 2008 Berlin +Germany  +
Birthday Party 2008 Brisbane +Australia  +
Birthday Party 2008 Chennai +India  +
Birthday Party 2008 DC +USA  +
Birthday Party 2008 Guatemala +Guatemala  +
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