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CC Ukraine


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Affiliated institution(s)
Internet initiatives, Jurinnovation

Project lead(s)
Andriy Bichuk (legal lead), Maksym Naumko (legal lead), Iryna Kuchma (public lead), Nina Khalaim and Vitaliy Mamchur (legal leads), Sergey Tokar

Mailing address
Internet initiatives: Ap. 161, 8 Pushynoyi str., Kyiv, 03115; Law company «Jurinnovation»: office 103, 17 Maryny Raskovoyi str., Kyiv, 02660


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Creative Commons Ukraine

Creative Commons Ukraine is the affiliate that supports Creative Commons in Ukraine and runs the Ukrainian Creative Commons licenses porting process.

Creative Commons Ukraine has produced the first Ukrainian draft of CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. [1] and has been re-translating it into English and charting the legal changes.

The previous affiliate institution - Access to Knowledge Project - and the previous project leads: Andriy Pazyuk, National Academy of Public Management, and Galina Sovenko, Public Agency for Copyright and Related Rights, drafted the Ukrainian text of CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 and announced public consultations in February 2005. The concept of open content licenses was new for Ukrainian copyright law and amendments to the existent legal framework were required.

Робоча група з адаптації ліцензій Creative Commons до українського законодавства про авторське право:


Максим Наумко, maksym.naumko[@]

Андрій Бічук, bichuk_andriy[@]

Ірина Кучма, ikuchma[@]

Ніна Халаїм, n.khalaim[@]

Віталій Мамчур, jurinnovation[@]

Сергій Токар, tokarsergey[@]


Інтернет Ініціативи


Правнича агенція «ІнтелАктив»

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