File Type Information
Supports embedding license URL: True
Supports embedding web statement: True
Supports embedding more permissions: True
Metadata Location: (unknown)
Metadata Format: (unknown)

RSS 2.0 is a syndication (feed) format. A module has been published specifying how to include Creative Commons license information.

The module namespace URI was changed from to in 2003; consumers should be aware of this change.


Specifying a License

The specification defines a namespace,


which can be used to define a license for the feed or individual entry. An example of an RSS 2.0 file with license metadata is available at

Additional Metadata

A web statement provides additional confidence regarding metadata assertions. morePermissions allows content creators to provide a link to a URL where additional permissions, beyond those provided by the license, may be secured.

The RSS 2.0 specification provides a mechanism for extension; new elements must be in a namespace. Creative Commons recommends using the following two namespace declarations for inclusion of web statement and more permissions metadata:

 <rss version="2.0" 

The following example demonstrates providing a verification URL (web statement) as well as a URL where users may find information regarding additional permissions.

  <pubDate>Mon, 16 Dec 2002 12:21:08 GMT</pubDate>

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